I’ve just found the best stress reliever ever: COOKING.

First you start with the garlic. Just imagine it’s the person you hate most in life. Now start peeling off the thin white skin with a little cut of the knife. You can do more than one cut. Gentlyyy. Next you slowly pull apart the garlic clove by little clove. Now comes the fun part. Cut off the brown part at the bottom of each clove then smash them with the flat side of the knife. Now just pick out the skins of the cloves from the carnage. Then you can chop it all up into ittle bittle pieces.

Still pissed? Grab the onion. Imagine it’s your ex, or something. Chop off the bottom part where there’s this little brown circular thing. Then chop it in half. Slowly peel off the outer skins. Then chop it once more into ittle bittle pieces, all the while cursing like a sailor at that stupid thing that hurts your eyes and makes you want to cry, and cry, and cry forever.

And if anyone stares at you like you’re going mad?

Smile and say, “Cooking is such fun.”