Hopes and dreams gone with the wind

Please don’t break those close to my heart

Hanging at a precipice, falling again

Already cracked; one more and-


#because this is THE WHOLE POINT OF DOCTOR WHO #the doctor picks someone who seems ordinary #a shop worker or an office temp #he picks someone who thinks of themself as perfectly average #and he shows them how extraordinary they actually are #doctor who is about how every person has it within them to be fantastic


Hey this eye looks pretty good now let try drawing the oth-


I just want to see him, to talk to him. Where is the evil in that?

It’s easy to tell if you’re in love. The hard part is how to tell if it’ll last.

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I want to feel happiness like this

Where I can’t get any higher

Where it can’t get any brither

I want to  feel happiness like this


Touch Me Not

Touch me not

Not this fragile heart

That seeks only peace

Not an intricate love.

Touch me not 

For all that I want 

Is a simple life

No worries or doubts.

Touch me not

With your caring words

Your pure intent

Or sweet innocence.

Touch me not

Not this lonely heart

That secretly wishes

For somebody’s love.

I Want To Know

I’m obsessed with you because I want to know more about you.

I want to know more about you because I want to know the ugly things about you.

I want to know the ugly things about you because I want them to turn me away.

But the more I learn

The more I know

It just makes me want to stay.